Residential DIY

Single Roll or by the Pallet

Roll = 2ft x 5ft = 10sq ft

Buying sod in Louisville, Ky has never been easier for the residential homeowner. Hoosier Turf sells sod in small or large quantities to our residential customers and offer them delivery or pickup.

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Semi Truck Loads

Large Roll = 4ft x 90ft = 360sq ft

Our professional clients rely on our large sod rolls to make their large jobs more efficient. Our large sod rolls can be placed with a machine with little man hours, compared to our small rolls.

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Sod Delivery

Sod Pallets and Large Rolls

On Time Delivery

Delivering sod on time keeps our customers moving. Our promise to our clients is to deliver their sod when they need it, where they need it, to keep their clients happy.

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Sod Installation

Laying Sod

From Start to Finish

Sod Installer extraordinaire. We know what sod needs to thrive. Our team can properly finish grade and prep your soil to ensure the sod will have a perfect base to grow deep roots.

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Sod Care and Maintenance Tips

Healthy sod comes from proper care

Watering Your Sod

Begin watering your new sod within a half hour of installation. Apply at least 1 inch of water to keep the soil beneath the sod very wet. Avoid hand watering your sod because it does not provide uniformity. Using hose-end sprinklers provide consistent coverage to your sod.

Fertilizing Your Sod

Sod varieties require different types and quantities of fertilizer. Cool and warm season sods vary as do their nutrient requirements. Contact your local extension service to have a soil sample evaluated to determine what is best for your new sod.


Your sod can me mowed once it has rooted into the soil. Never cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade. Cutting your sod too short can make your lawn more vulnerable to diseases.

Aeration of Sod

Core aerators punch small holes in the sod allowing air and water to penetrate deeper. Aerators can be rented from a local shop or you can contact a local professional.