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Large Rolls of Sod are the most efficient way to install sod on large yardage jobs. The large rolls of turf are actually less yards than a pallet of sod, but can be installed faster, require less employee hours and reduce manual labor involved. The only downside to the large rolls is that they require a sod laying machine to roll them out. These specialty machines are typically owned by landscape companies and contractors that install sod on a daily basis. We are the sod supplier for a large number of these sod installers in Louisville and Southern Indiana.

How Many Sq. Ft are in a Big Roll of Sod

Our large rolls of sod are cut at our sod farm measure in at 4' wide by 100' long. That is a total of 400 sq. ft or 45 yards of turf. Compared to our pallets of turf that contain small rolls of sod, you are getting roughly 200 sq. ft less and 25 yards less of turf.

What types of Grass are Large Rolls?

Like our pallets of sod, our large rolls of grass can be purchased in Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass. In the Southern Indiana and Louisville, Ky area, we have found that these types of grass are able to handle the Kentuckiana weather patterns. They can handle the hot, cold, wet and dry weather.

Can I get Sod Delivered?

Large rolls of sod are substantially heavier than small rolls of sod. They are also harder to handle unless you have machinery to move them around. For this reason, Hoosier Turf Sod Farm offers delivery directly to your job site. Our fleet of flat bed semis equipped with moffetts (forklifts) can deliver your sod order within 100 miles of Louisville, Ky.

How much Sod in a Delivery

Our sod delivery trucks can deliver up to 1100 yards at one time, or roughly 10,000 sq ft. So no matter the size of your job, Hoosier Turf can handle your sod delivery all in house.