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Hoosier Turf Sod Farm

Why Buy Directly from the Sod Farm?

When you buy a pallet of sod from Hoosier Turf, you are buying directly from the Southern Indiana sod supplier. You get the freshest sod that is cut specifically for your order and delivered directly from our sod farm to your site in Indiana or Kentucky.

What types of Sod can I buy?

Our sod farm only grows and sells Kentucky Bluegrass and Fescue. We have found that these types of grass grow the best in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, Ky area. They are both hardy enough to handle the extremes of the Ohio Valley weather. Our grass can handle drought, spring rains, full sun, shade and anything else our Kentuckiana weather can dream up.

How many sq ft is in a Pallet of Sod?

Our pallets of sod consist of roughly 600 sq ft of sod. This amount of sod will cover a 24' x 24' area. Square footage can be calculated by multiplying length x width. In addition to square foot, the actual measurement of sod is calculated in yards. Each pallet contains 67 yards of sod. Yards can be calculated by dividing the square footage by 9.
Buying sod in Southern Indiana and Louisville is an easy process with Hoosier Turf. Determine how much sod you need, let us know when you want it and we can get it cut for you. It is that easy. Along with the easy ordering process, we have the most affordable prices on sod and deliveries. We are here to help you every step of the way. Call us now to setup your sod delivery.

Rolls of Sod

Can I buy individual Rolls of Sod?

Absolutely! Most DIY homeowners who choose to sod their yard only redo portions of their yard. For example, a family member drives off the edge of the driveway while it was wet, leaves large ruts and destroys the grass. This is a simple DIY sod fix but it doesn't require an entire pallet of sod.

Lets say it is 5' wide by 20' long path of destruction. This would be 100 sq ft of sod, or as we learned before, sod is measured in yards. So we take the 100 sq ft and divide it by nine. That equals 11 yards of sod, or 11 rolls of sod.

So whether you need to repair a few dead spots in your yard with just a few rolls of sod, or you need a few pallets of sod to repair damage by a contractor, Hoosier Turf can sell you the exact amount of sod you need. But let us give you a bit of advice. Always buy more sod than you think you will need. There is nothing worse than running one roll short and having to make an extra trip to the sod farm. You can always find a place for the extra sod.