Hoosier Turf Sod Farm

Sod Farm in Indiana

Looking for a Sod Farm in Southern Indiana to buy sod from to repair your yard or sod your new construction home? Hoosier Turf is your solution for wholesale turf directly from the grower. In addition to buying sod wholesale at affordable prices, we also offer pickup and delivery options to make the entire sod buying process easy.

For DIY homeowners, we have pallets of sod for sale and individual rolls that can be purchased to meet your square ft requirements if you do not need an entire pallet. Commercial sod installers are also welcome at Hoosier Turf Sod Farm. We supply landscapers and contractors in the Southern Indiana and Louisville, Ky area with large rolls of sod as well as flat bed semi deliveries directly to their job sites.

Sod for Sale in Indiana & Kentucky

Buying Turf From a Sod Farm

Buying sod directly from a sod farm is extremely beneficial for homeowners and landscapers. The first benefit and probably the most important to most people, is the price of sod. When you buy direct from the grass grower, you are cutting out the middle man markups.

The second benefit of buying sod direct is the age of the sod. At Hoosier Turf, we only cut sod grass to order. You get the freshest sod that is ready to be installed on your prepared surface. Buying from a big box store means you are purchasing grass that is at least a day old. That may not sound like a lot but one day of no water will dry out the soil and cause stress to the grass.

Save time and money by purchasing sod at Hoosier Turf Sod Farm in Indiana. Whether you are looking to pick it up yourself or have it delivered, we can handle every aspect of your grass needs.