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Hoosier Turf is the go-to source for landscapers and contractors in the Louisville, Ky area. We supply our customers with the sod they need, when they need it and where they need it.

Our contractors and landscapers have the option to order our large rolls of sod or our small rolls of sod delivered on pallets. We have provided sod and turf to many large projects in the Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana areas. We supplied the sod for the landing of the new walking bridge on the Louisville side and have delivered grass for many of the highway projects in Southern Indiana and Louisville.


Our sod purchases come with the option of delivery directly to your job site. We deliver when you need it and where you need it. Your time is money and we respect that.

Landscape Contractors

We work with landscaping companies all over Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana. We want to be your sod dealer so building relationships is important to us.


We can handle your sod order, delivery and your turf installation. Why not hire the person who grows it to install it?


Get your sod delivered and installed directly from the grower. Let us be your only call for your sod needs.

Large Rolls of Sod

Commercial Turf

When you need to cover a large area of ground, our large rolls of turf are the option for you. The large rolls measure 42 inches wide by 90 feet long and cover 315 square feet. From athletic fields to golf courses, large rolls make these jobs possible.

Save on Labor

Large jobs typically require large crews. Using large rolls reduces the need for man power and speeds up the installation process compared to using palleted sod rolls.

Less Effort

Large sod rolls are rolled out by a small machine. No more lifting small rolls of sod from the pallet and bending over to place them. Let the machine do all the work for you.

Better Results

Larger turf rolls mean you have less end seams compared to the smaller rolls. This reduces edge dryout and limits cracks for weeds to grow through.

More Delivered

You get more square footage of sod delivered when you purchase our large rolls. One semi load of turf can cover almost 9000 square feet.

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