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Indiana and Kentucky DOT Approved

Rely on sod

Don't take the risk of grass seed washing away

Highway contractors are always looking for the cheapest and most effective way to approach projects. Sometimes sodding highway medians is overlooked. Hoosier Turf can supply and apply sod to any area along highways and roadways, within budget.

Our Bluegrass and Fescue grasses are a perfect match for lining highways and interstates. Our turf grasses are fast to take root and is much more reliable than hoping your straw seed mat will grow. Get it done right the first time with sod grass from Hoosier Turf.

Instant Finish

The advantage of sod for a highway, or any roadway project, is the instant gratification of a yard. When sod is laid, all you need to do is properly water it and it will take root. Some cities choose to use seeding or hydroseeding. The downfall to seeding is what can take place between the seeding time and the germination time. Heavy rains can wash the seed out and never germinate. Solve your problem the best way possible by laying turf grass and do it right the first time.

Road & Highway Medians

When highways get redesigned, some states choose to sod the medians instead of hydroseeding or laying straw grass mats. For example, Kentucky and Indiana just had a major overhaul of building two new bridges over the Ohio River. Hoosier Turf was contacted by both Kentucky and Indiana to supply and lay the sod for the highway projects. Hoosier Turf is IN Dot approved and KYTC Approved. We have the capacity to supply your highway project with enough sod to cover your job.