Sod Installation

Sod Installation

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Louisville, Ky Area

Hoosier Turf installs sod as well as growing it and selling it. What better company to use to install your turf than the sod farm that grows it.

Our installation crews understand the need for timely and proper installation. We have experience in planting, cutting and laying the finished sod. Hire a well rounded sod company like Hoosier Turf that knows what it takes to make your new yard thrive.


Our turf team can handle any residential sod. From patching small dead spots in your yard to removing your entire yard and replacing it with new grass, Hoosier Turf is the company to call.


We install sod for home builders all over Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana. Hiring Hoosier Turf is the economical decision for your sod grass needs. You contact one company who cuts the sod, delivers the sod and installs the sod. No more waiting on two or three companies to get a plan together. Call us directly and get it done.


Commercial developers typically need large amounts of sod. Our large rolls of sod make laying large areas of turf an easy process. Our semis can deliver around 9000 square feet per load. Our sod rollers can lay that 9000 feet of turf in no time.