Sports Fields

Sod for Sports and Athletic Fields
Get a grass that can take abuse

Sodding Athletic Fields

Bluegrass and Fescue Turf

Hoosier Turf understands the complexity of sodding a large athletic sports field. The sod for sports complexes needs to be tough and able to stand up to abuse time and time again. Our two best sod choices for the Louisville, Ky region are Bluegrass and Fescue.

Our Bluegrass and Fescue grasses are dense, thick and can withstand the constant traffic. These turf grasses are also known for their dark colors that look great when cared for properly.

Football Fields

We have the ability to cut, deliver and lay the 57,600 square foot of grass it takes to cover a football field. We only cut your turf when it is ordered. This guarantees you get the healthiest product that will grow the deepest roots and last forever.

Baseball Fields

Around 30,000 square feet of turf is typically needed for the outfiled area of a baseball field. Depending on the size of your field, this amount could increase or decrease. We have the capacity to supply your facility with enough sod to cover that span.

Golf Courses

Golf courses are notorious for having sod replaced on a monthly basis. The sod takes all the time out of having to wait for grass seed to germinate. Hoosier Turf can supply you with healthy grass for your greens, fairways and roughs. We sell in large quantities or if you only need a pallet load, we can help.